Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gondola - ZLP

Gondola SUSPENDED PLATFORM (Gondola)  ZLP – Suspended Platform product is the ideal equipment to build the facade structure, decoration, cleaning and maintenance for buildings. This product brings about the quality, schedule for construction and safety for workers. That is an important factor to contribute greatly in creating the competitive advantages of unit construction and maintenance. ZLP products have the features and popular applications, which are widely used in many industries in Vietnam.

- Complete (Execution of paint, aluminum, glass, aluminum up side ...).
- Decoration (Attach stone wall, fitted lights, advertising signs ...).
- Maintenance (cleaning surfaces, painting ...).
Gondola used in construction project
- Safety for workers.
- Investment cost, low power consumption.
- Structural installation simple, compact easy to operate.
- Professional work environment, modern, great for creating some construction workers.

ZLP suspended platform would eliminate most of the disadvantages of scaffolding systems, suspension wire, the spider.  We believe that ZLP Suspended Platform products will increase the competitiveness and bring about the economic benefits as well as saving a lot of time construction for customer.  We would like to thank you and look forward to cooperating and servicing to customers.

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